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Venues in London

Three venues that we love someone to hire one of our photo booths for in Central London

We are quite often asked where we have been with our photo booths and where we would like to go. These three we have and haven’t visited but absolutely love to! If you are thinking of hiring a photo booth in Central London, why

Charity Page

Thank you for your enquiry.

If you have been directed to this page, it’s likely due to requesting our services for free or at a discount. Please read on…


As professional photo booth operators, we receive requests for free or discounted Photo Booths on an extremely regular basis. In an ideal world, we would love to be benevolent and respond in a

Childrens Photo Booth Rental

As you have probably noticed, we have a new Childrens Photo Booth.

The Kool Bus Booth is to run alongside our existing fleet of Photobooths but it has been possible to reduce the cost by quite some margin.

We tend to find childrens parties do not have the budget of that of Weddings or corporate functions, so the introduction of a 'budget' booth

Our new flipbook hire website

Almost a year after our launch, we decided to celebrate with a new website. It’s practically becoming an obsession where we are constantly searching for perfection !

It is our aim to regularly keep you updated with our latest news. Although we said that last year, but have been so busy it has just been impossible to keep on top of

Newmarket Wedding Show

Newmarket Wedding Show


For Photo Booth Hire this Sunday (22nd Jan) you will be able to come and see one of our booths in action at the Newmarket Wedding show !


We are hoping we do not have too late a night on Saturday as we will be up bright and early on Sunday morning to get everything in order for the

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