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Customer confidentiality

Potential issues have recently been avoided !


A point worth noting.


After supplying our Photo Booth Hire to several high profile events, where celebrity guests have attended, any issues which could have arisen have easily been avoided due to our confidentiality policy.

As you will see from our website, there are not loads of photos of people, it is in the main, photos of our stunning photo booth.

There is a reason for this – we respect our customers confidentiality ! Only where we have direct permission or been in the public domain have we used any images on this website.

We believe that YOU should decide what happens to the photos taken in the photo booth. Several choices are given to you on how you feel you want the photos dealt with.


We know for a fact there have been issues concerning companies within our trade.


Quite simply – you do not get unwanted issues with Kool Booths Photo Booth Hire - Just the fun attraction you deserve.

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